Let’s Redeem Entertainment

We all know how powerful stories are, and Americans are spending more time than ever looking at screens. Besides making the kind of movies and television we want to see, at Creator Films we aim to make an impact beyond our immediate social networks.

That’s why investing in Creator Films is more than a financial venture. It’s a positive step toward creating a world of better entertainment. People of faith should have a voice in the marketplace of ideas, and by partnering with us, you will join a community of Creators dedicated to seeing this vision come to life on the screen.

We believe that even though we’re not all artists, we can all be Creators. Together we’re creating hope, creating compassion, creating understanding—and ultimately, we’re creating culture.

What we’re really offering you is a chance to take ownership of your entertainment.

Invest today and let’s talk about the next movie we’re going to make together!

As an investor, you play an integral
role in the creation of faith-infused films.

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