Is Creator Films a Christian Company?
Creator Films is a company that is lead by Christians. Many of our owners are Christians but their individual beliefs and values differ. In our mind a company cannot be christian because a company is not an individual. We are filmmakers, we follow Jesus, and we tell stories about what we know. However we work with many people on set, in operations, and in day to day life that are not believers or followers of Jesus and they contribute to the stories we tell. Our hope is that our beliefs, our faith in Jesus, would be a blessing to those around us. So in short our senior leadership are Christians from different faith backgrounds, our company has no ability to choose a religious affiliation on its own accord. 🙂
Is Creator Films a non-profit?
No. Creator Films is a for profit company. We like to think of our profits two-fold though; financial and cultural. We need resources to produce our films and we have chosen a business model that does not depend on donations, but instead on investment. However, we believe that our films and the messages they convey will have a positive impact on those who view them. So they profit as they support us through viewing.
What are the benefits of being an investor?
As an investor you are one of the owners. As the company earns money your investment becomes more valuable. Our aim is to turn profit and share those profits with our investors. However the possibility of financial return is only one of the benefits of investing.

Besides the initial perks for investment, as an Investor (Creator) you will receive Early Access to Special events, access to our community portal, and have the opportunity to give input on projects. You will also have an inside look at the whole process as we bring content to life from development all the way through distribution.

How do I make money back on my investment?
First off, there are no guarantees. Investment in an early stage startup is inherently risky. This is a long term investment that carries a lot of risk. If you can’t afford to lose the money you invest you should not invest it. That is not to say we don’t believe in the viability of our plan or our products, we just want to be upfront and honest about the risk involved.

That said, a financial return on investment could be seen from dividends or through stock value increase. The company could also go public, or be sold to another company. We will pursue the best options available to increase the possibility of providing return on your

Ultimately, Creator Films makes money when our movies, television shows, web content, and other media are purchased or viewed. When our content finds an audience distribution partners will come to us so our audience goes to them.

In this particular company you have an influence on the success. Creator Films is built on the idea that our collective voice, as a community, is louder than our individual voices. That means as an investor you influence our choices, our marketing, and our over all success.

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